Trixi Trommer, born in 1963 lives and works in Bergisch Gladbach, which is near to Cologne.


In her mosaic studio she creates the LOOMART light objects, as well as living accessories like mirrors, tables and small lanterns.
Furthermore she also does contract work like ground mosaics, bathroom creations and wall pictures that will “mosaic up” your home for sure.


There are near to no borders when it comes to mosaic creations.


Not only colourful glass mosaic stones are used to create those mosaic designs, but also an ever-growing selection of colourful tiles and glass that Trixi finds during travelling the world.


Being surrounded by industrial bulk goods, her handmade light objects are an exception. One can truly feel the passion that is reflected by the vital colours and the finest compositions.

Moreover each one of her objects is unique.


Take your time and allow yourself to be surprised, fascinated and inspired by her creations!